Peace feast is a grass roots movement of meals happening around the UK aimed at bringing people together from different backgrounds & faiths to share great food, conversation and friendship.

ribbon-icon-sqWhy Peace Feast

People love to eat, and there is something very special about sharing food together. Here at Peacefeast, we hope to contribute towards better community relations by encouraging people to share a meal with those they might not ordinarily meet.

globe-icon-sqWhat is Peace Feast

Peace Feast is a grassroots movement of meals taking place in restaurants, community centres and other locations, aimed at bringing people together around food, conversation and friendship.  It is a programme of Bridges for Communities.

info-icon-sqHow to Get Involved

Would you like to attend a Peace Feast or organise one where you live? Peace Feast is open to anyone who wants to be involved.  Keep up to date with what’s on here (add link to the what’s on page) or on Facebook, or contact us if you’d like to organise an event.
"Event was very informative, especially meeting and interacting with people of different faiths and cultures. I definitely think that these types of events are very beneficial for integrating communities." Participant - Turkish Peace Feast, Bristol

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A sample of the recent Peace Feast events held in the UK.

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"Feasting for the Peace of the City and the Global Community."
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